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  1. Keith
    Dec 26 2011

    Thanks for shipping the Vacuum so quickly after the email. You customer service was excellent.


  2. James E. K.
    Dec 26 2011

    Dear Think Vacuums,

    Usually I extensively research items I intend to buy, especially over the internet. When I started looking for a central vacuuming system I happened to land on Think Vacuum’s web site. I called with a question about a certain brand and the call taker said that I could speak to the owner Robert, who could answer my questions best. She was right. Robert took time to explain to me about different brands, quality, and what the different warranties were. He didn’t pressure me at all to buy anything but instead enlightened me about what to look for in a central vacuum system. A few weeks later I called back and placed an order direct with Robert. He even gave me a discount coupon which I was not aware of at the time. What I really liked about this place is that they took a personal interest in me. I know if I have a problem with my order or installation I can always talk to Robert. I wish more businesses would be like this.

    James E. K.
    Austin TX

  3. Carl O.
    Dec 28 2011

    Dear Dan,

    I’m the guy from Staten Island, NY that recently placed an order with your company. Originally I ordered from you because the price was right, but I now have a different outlook regarding “Think Vacuums.”

    I placed the order on Wednesday 12/21/11, after conferring with you and sending 2 photos. I had agreed to be patient, as you had indicated that because of the holidays, delivery might be delayed. Well, I wanted you to know that 2 days later, the package was on my front porch.

    Not only am I pleased with the prompt service, but I was very impressed with the excellent packaging. This motor was so carefully wrapped in protective materials, that I am convinced it could have arrived in China undamaged. Aside from the two complimentary items I mentioned above, most importantly, the motor installed perfectly, and runs beautifully. I am so thankful especially to you, for patiently taking the time to guide me through the selection process for the right motor. I will not hesitate to place another order for new brushes, when the time comes.

    Wishing you a pleasant and healthy new year.


    Carl R. O

  4. Steve K
    Jan 4 2012

    Purchased new Drainvac for x-mas.

    Very satisfied.

    Steve K., MN

  5. Loyalt
    Jan 4 2012

    my new vacuum is great. orerdering was easy and i had it at my door in no time

  6. Linda A. M
    Jan 4 2012

    I ordered this Monday afternoon or Tuesday & received this Thurs at 9 AM. I could not believe it. I needed it because I had hit something on my old one & broke the fan. I ordered a new part w/new vacuum so I’ll have 2 vacuums now. The same brand & model. This is the first time I’ve needed a part for this & I’ve had it 18 years & used it in my restaurant for 4 years. You can’t beat them for cleaning & durability I love it. I’ll never change brands etc., they just can’t be beat. The old one will go up to my vacation rental now.

    Thanks again.

    Linda A. M

  7. Mike
    Jan 4 2012

    This is the second time I have ordered products from Think Vacuums. In both cases the orders were handled very professionally. Everything was on time and as advertized. Very impressive and I am very satisfied.


  8. Michael J. O.
    Jan 4 2012

    My initial shopping experience with was exceptional. Low prices and fast shipping; I’ll definitely be purchasing vacuum supplies through in the future.

    Michael O.

  9. Jon T
    Jan 4 2012

    We received the merchandiser exactly as offered. It was sent when promised and the phone support was excellent.


    Jon P. T

  10. Gail C
    Jan 4 2012

    My new cental vacum by Duovac is amazing. It is quiet and smooth running with great suction. It was shipped free and promptly. I will shop Think Vacuums for all my needs.

    thank you,

    Gail C.,
    Comanche, OK

  11. Jesung C
    Jan 4 2012

    Thank you for the good service, and fast shipping.

    Jesung C.

  12. Tinny S
    Jan 4 2012

    Thank you for your prompt service. I received our new replacement vacuum this afternoon.

    Tinny S.

  13. Mike
    Jan 4 2012

    Thank you so much for the excellent service and recommendations regarding replacing my poorly functioning central Vacuum hose. Your deluxe hose and sock is awesome and the head recommendation for hardwood floors works like a dream!


  14. Linda B
    Jan 4 2012

    I ordered the air driven Turbo head attachment for my Eureka central vacuum system in my fifth wheel trailer while camping in Myrtle Beach. The package arrived quickly, was well packed, was as described and seems to work quite well, especially picking up the sand we drag in from the beach. I am pleased with the service provided by your firm.

    Thank you.

    Linda B

  15. Donald G Cable
    Jan 4 2012

    I ordered my Deluxe Hose & Carpet Nozzle Combo on 12/26/11 and because of the holiday (New Year weekend) it arrived 1/3/12 in time to clean up the house after the decorations were put away.Love the new hose with power cord pigtail for Budd. I might order the TurboPro Deluxe Stair and Upholstery Tool next. Thanks Dan for your help when I placed my order.

  16. Tom B
    Jan 4 2012

    We like the sanitaire SC5815 we recently purchased.
    Thanks for the quick delivery. I was a little disappointed that 2 screws were missing with the assembly kit, but over all we are happy with the purchase.

    Thank you,

    Tom B

  17. Jan 5 2012

    Thank you for your prompt shipment of my online order. I was impressed by how quickly we received our package.
    Great service. Keep up the good work.

  18. Annie
    Jan 9 2012

    Just want to say my order arrived in a timely manner and I’m very pleased with the quality of the products. My Filtex Central Vac is over 20 years old and these are the first replacement parts I’ve ever ordered. Truthfully, I was unaware I could find replacement parts for my central vac since it is this old. I will definitely be ordering more items!



  19. Kim
    Jan 9 2012


    Very pleasant experience. Best prices online. Quality parts. Fast shipping. All around A+…

  20. Parent
    Jan 9 2012

    We recently submitted our first order for central vac parts and were
    pleased by the pricing and quick delivery of our order.

    Thanks for your help!

  21. Wolf C.
    Jan 10 2012

    I bought a vacuum from you and now you pop up on every site I go to. I like your product , but quit bugging me or I will not buy from you anymore!

  22. Cindy N
    Jan 10 2012

    I ordered my products on Friday afternoon and they arrived Monday. Thanks for the prompt shipping. Everything ordered arrived also. I did have to call about my order on Friday as the price changed once the processing was done due to a sales tax issue. I am in no way complaining you had to collect sales tax as I live in Florida. On the shipping page there should be a notice informing customers in Florida, that sales tax will be collected. Either way I was purchasing the items.

    Thanks again.

  23. Lisa G
    Jan 10 2012

    Hi there,

    A couple months ago I placed an order for a new hose attachment kit ( ). I wanted to be able to have a hose upstairs and downstairs. I have had my central vac system since I built my home in 2005, and it came with hose/attachments that look just like the Deluxe Combo ( ). ; I do think that the SeboPro ET2 does seem like a much better built product, it is so lightweight that it does not make a good enough seal with the carpet. I can tell by the fact that I no longer get the “vacuum tracks” when I vacuum the plush carpeting. I have tied a 5lb dumbell weight to the top of it, and that seems to do the trick.

    I was also very excited to get the free turbo brush. I bought a Shark small canister vac over 10 years ago and while it died, the small turbo brush attachment I used all the time for stairs and furniture to pick up pet hair, etc. Well, there must be is a reason it is a free gift as it is utterly useless. It does not turn very well, it leaks air (which reduces suction therefore the speed is even slower). As soon as it touches any surface it stops. Even putting 1 finger against the moving brushes stops it. The old one that came with the Shark would make a loud screaming noise as it was going so fast. This one barely makes noise at all. Note I used the old attachment with my central vac before it broke about 3 months ago. The only other variable in the equation is the hose. I may try the new turbo brush attached to the old hose which I now keep upstairs, although that does not seem as though it would matter. Especially since you charge $49 for it, I would recommend you test it yourselves and consider removing it from the products you offer. Unless I received a defective unit, it is clearly useless.

    Needless to say, I feel the pricing was fair for the products, your service was extremely fast and very nice, but after spending over $600 for the hose attachment kit, hose sock, and a couple other small items, I am kind of disappointed in what I thought would be “top of the line” products. Anyway, I thought you may want some product feedback. If I do plan to purchase other central vac supplies (I am sure someday I will have to purchase a new central vac unit), I will definitely keep your company in mind.

    Lisa G

  24. Scott Nemmers
    Jan 11 2012

    Thanks to Dan B @ Drainvac who is the Sales /Service Mgr who promptly handled my request for a part needed to repair my Drain Vac system. Dan is a true professional and see’s the value in retaining your customer base. I assure you that due to the way Dan handled my request, I will continue to be a Think Vacuum Customer and tell others about my positive experience. Thanks again Dan!!!!

  25. Allan
    Jan 16 2012

    Although I purchased two Doc-it in-wall storage systems, and installed them in the rough framing of my house months ago, I finally completed the installation yesterday and got everything working the very first time!!! I put one on the first floor and a second one on the second floor. The second floor unit reaches up to the attic room as well, because I planned it close to the attic stairwell. Paper instructions as well as the instructional videos on the website were easy to understand and left nothing to chance; very complete. I installed the Doc-it units, ran all the PVC piping and low voltage wires myself. The electrician ran the 120v wires as he was wiring the rest of the house. I saved a bundle of money, and the system works perfectly! I really think that this storage-in-the-wall solution for the hose is the cat’s pajamas. Having to lug a hose around isn’t much different than lugging a regular vacuum cleaner around for me. But the Doc-it vacuum is hidden right there at the ready in the kitchen where it is most needed, and reaches to the rest of the first floor with hose to spare. The convenience is really worth the extra cost over a standard vacuum cleaner. It is also very quiet compared to a regular vacuum, and I can clean up when the kids are asleep without fear to wake them. I would describe myself as an advanced do-it-yourselfer, but I think that this can be tackled by anyone who is willing to sit down and watch the videos several times and go over and learn the fundamentals of vacuum piping on the website. ThinkVacuums website is a great resource of information, and provided all of the instruction I needed to successfully complete the installation all by myself. Thanks very much!

  26. Susan
    Jan 19 2012

    Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!! I have had the best return experience, ever with Thinkvacuums. I will recommend your company & continue to order all of my central vacuum parts from your very well run company. What a refreshing change.


    Dr. Susan

  27. Deano
    Jan 23 2012


    • joyce van de wetering
      Mar 31 2012

      thank you for the fast service, this time it was a small item’ but i’m sure i will use you again. thanks.

  28. Joy
    Jan 30 2012

    My DrainVac Turbo is Wonderful! We bought a 3-year old house piped for central vac, but seller took vac and hoses. I knew nothing about purchasing a central vacuum until my Google directed me to Think Vacuums. I had every question answered–even with YouTube videos. My installer had a couple of questions, answered quickly by technical support on the 1-800 number. Now I can vacuum my entire house without a backache from pulling and lifting a heavy canister vac.

    Thank you Think Vacuums!


  29. Annie
    Jan 31 2012

    Received the replacement hose and hose hugger today. All look good. Excellent customer service. I will be ordering more product in the future.



  30. Jodee
    Feb 16 2012

    We have had our Purvac for 2 years now. It is amazing! I just ordered our first replacement bags. We did the install ourselves into new construction. If you are handy you could do it also. We never had any issues during installation so I never even used Customer Service. I did use them when I was initially ordering just to make sure I ordered the right one. The representative who helped me was great.
    I will never have a home without CV and I will definetily order from Think Vacuum if we need another.

  31. Mary B.
    Feb 17 2012

    I just ordered a Hoover commercial grade, upright vacuum that I’ve read about online. It is supposed to be a simple, no bells and whistles, durable machine. I’ve read the testimonials and decided to buy it here because of all the reviews of Think Vacuums and of the various reviews of this particular machine that I’ve read online. I need a new vacuum and I think I just eliminated the aggravation of driving around to different stores and comparing when I found just what I want here for a better price, no shipping or taxes! How do you beat that? I can’t wait to get my new machine! I’ll be back to tell you about it.

  32. ed & courtney
    Feb 21 2012

    GREAT SERVICE very nice people to deal with.
    Special Thank You to, Dan In Service Dept.

  33. Harwood J. Ayres
    Feb 28 2012

    I placed a order using your web site, and found all the parts I needed on one page and ordered them, I received the parts with no delay and I will use your site for all my vacuum needs. I have both a upright and canister sanitaire which we love.

  34. Roger Hill
    Mar 2 2012

    I purchased a Pur Vac central unit to replace an old unit, the installiation was simple (Even tho I read the directions after I got done). The mounting bracket was one of the best thought out products I’ve ever seen. Think vacuums price was great, I looked for a lower price but the same models were at least $50.00 to $80.00 more on other sites. I’ve purchased bags and a new hose from Think Vacuums in the past their price has always the lowest.

  35. Thurston Twigg-Smith Jr.
    Mar 19 2012

    Great products. Every purchase has been smooth and quick. Would recommend Think Vacuum to anyone considering a central vac system. My advise – Get the most powerfull central unit you can afford! – Thurston

  36. joseph litzinger
    Mar 19 2012

    Ordered/ received the sebo automatic upright x. Very prompt delivery. Tried out the vacuum. Appears to be well thought out and well engineered. Replace my sears progressive. The sebo is much lighter by about 6# and much narrower ,but still has 12 ” cleaning path. Seems to have good suction. I like the simple disassembly and reassembly, especially the ease of removing the brush for cleaning or hair removal. The bags are easy to change and don’t appear to be more costly than less expensive machines. Two features I would like on this vac would be: (1)that the brush would stop turning when locked upright, so the carpet would not get damaged when you use the wand, and (2) It would be nice to have a headlight for the poorly lite areas such as dark corners. I hope the electronics holds up ie: the sensor that raises and lowers the head to the proper level. The reviews i have read have been very positive, so I hope this will serve me well. So far I am impressed.

  37. Pete
    Apr 3 2012

    I called customer service and a very nice lady helped me figure out what brand and size to go with. Then I called again after I had some more info and Brooke gave me guidance as to which attachments would be necessary for my situation. I went with the DrainVac Powerhouse and an air driven carpet head. The order arrived within 1 week and I received all necessary parts. Product Installation instructions for connecting the suction hose to the canister were completely inadequate for a novice. I had trouble finding a proper location as my garage space was encumbered with hot water heater, access hole to the attic, and high traffic areas. Additional tips on connecting pipe and emergency valve to canister would be useful. I would think that the installation video would be cheap to make and free with any purchase. The central vacuum has more pickup than any household vacuum that we have ever used. The telescopic wand allows you to not have to bend. Overall, a worthwhile experience.

  38. lech zielinski
    May 2 2012

    Iam very pleased with your service.Ordered motor for central vaccum, less than 3 days later order was received I installed same day. Working great.Thanks again. Highly recomended to others.Lech

  39. Jan Marchand
    May 11 2012

    thank you so much for my replacement, new wall vacuum. Your customer service is great. Iris found me a red floor sweeper even though she wasn’t sure they were in stock. I like vacuuming with red!

    Jan Marchand

  40. Paul W.
    Jun 12 2012

    Support, support, SUPPORT!
    Customer Support is KING and ThinkVacuums is the KING of CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!

    I purchased a complete central vac, power head, and installation kit back in December 2010. Before placing the order, I too spoke with the President/ Owner Robert… we must have been on the phone for 45 minutes. He said then that he stands behind his products and would make sure his customers would be satisfied.
    I had a few questions and concerns during the installation – my calls were answered immediately or within the hour…. how many internet or ‘brick and mortar’ stores can claim that?

    Fast forward to March 2012…. the central vac developed a problem – Thanks to Dan B. and Scott (CService and Tech Repair) it was fixed AND returned promptly.
    Unfortunately, the shipping company mishandled the unit and it was unusable (the unit was packed well).

    Needless to say we were pretty upset…. we like a clean house, and the central vac is a big part of it!

    Within that week, we had a replacement!!

    BIG THANK YOU to ThinkVacuums for outstanding support!!

    Paul W, North Carolina

  41. Robert Cooke
    Jun 30 2012

    The parcel arrived with our order within 48 hours and we live in the middle of no where. Wonderful service and the start of a relationship as we have two Air Vacs that need looking after.

    Everything was as I ordered and I look forward to dealing with you again. I don’t usually do testimonials but I wanted to say thank you. Nice clear website as well.


    Robert Florida

  42. Nick
    Jul 6 2012

    This is our second order from The representatives are very knowledgeable, helpful people. The orders arrived very quickly in both cases.
    Thank you all, specifically Dan.

  43. Aug 15 2012

    Amazing customer service, thank you “Shawn” for all your help and information. It is nice to talk to someone with knowledge and understanding of the product.

    I have a duovac system that has seen a lot of use and am replacing hose and vac head for the first time. We have had this system for 15 years and in a 3800 square foot home with dogs and 5 kids, I could not ask for a better product!!!
    Can’t wait for my new products and from what I asked shipping is fast!!!
    Again, thank you for great customer service.

  44. Peter Hewel
    Aug 23 2012

    Thanks for all your help with my Sanitaire SC887 vacuum purchase and my several changes. You were great and still got the vacuum shipped out the next business day. This was this best price I could find. I shopped for a good hour online before making my purchase.
    No local dealers carry the commercial lines like Sanitaire, Royal or Hoover Guardsman and Hoover Conquest. The only one you don’t seem carry in the line of commercial vacuums is Koblenz, which I hope you do at some point soon. I will be making many more purchases for my business and personal needs in the future. Thanks.

  45. Aug 26 2012

    I was trying to find a vacuum cleaner that would do everything. I read hundreds of customer reviews on Consumer Reports and Amazon. What I learned is that no vacuum will do an awesome job on every type of flooring.

    Once I narrowed down my priorities the selection process became easier. I wanted an upright bag vacuum that is excellent for picking up bird seed and human hair on tile and cleans the edges by the baseboard. I also have one area rug to clean.

    I spoke with Robert at Gator Vacuum in Coral Springs Florida and he guided me to the perfect vacuum for my needs. I purchased the Miele S194 Quickstep Upright with Combination Rug & Floor Tool and the Miele 217 Electric Rotating Power Nozzle.

    Once you have identified your floor cleaning priorities I recommend you ask Robert for the best selection. The in store prices matched the on line prices and Jeff assembled the vacuum for me. Jeff also showed me the best way to change the bags and he carried the vacuum to my car. Top notch service at great prices. and online at

  46. Jack Braglia
    Aug 31 2012

    Wanted to comment on the Sebo Pro ET-2 Plus I purchased for my Beam central vac system. Have had Beam powerheads for 16 years and I wish I had discovered the Sebo sooner. It is incredible. We had actually been using our Oreck upright instead of pulling out the Beam. The Sebo is so quiet, smooth and solidly built. I also purchased the hose with hose sock. This almost makes vacuuming a pleasure. I threw out the old Beam powerhead which I was going to keep upstairs. Can’t go back to using it after using the Sebo. Glad I found it and Think Vacuums.

  47. Carol Hartung
    Sep 3 2012

    After an initial mistake on my part in ordering a powered hose for my Power Star system, Dan was able to determine the correct hose for me and got it shipped out very quickly. The service here was very courtious and prompt. Thanks again. Carol

  48. Sep 21 2012

    What a pleasure working with Shawn today. It is so hard to find good quality customer service now a days. This was EXCELLENT customer service. Shawn was very knowledgeable, patient, freindly and courtous. I would highly reccomment this company. I have purchased their products last year and again this year and will not go anywhere else.

  49. Christine
    Oct 30 2012

    We just bought our first house, and it has a central vac, that needed a new powerhead. I was so excited to find this site and have so many options, so well organized! We are very impressed with the quality of the items we purchased and glad everything works perfectly with our system. We will definitely be repeat customers!

  50. Nov 7 2012

    My wife and I bought an upright Sebo 5 years ago-The very best vacuum cleaner we have ever owned-a typically German product-practical,easy to operate,well designed,and solid as a rock-nothing to compare-I have always been a fan of German products-and this vacuum cleaner supports my thoughts-Thanks Sebo,


  51. Louise F.
    Nov 28 2012

    Yes, thank you! It actually arrived the day after I sent this email. Thanks so much, love shopping at your website!!

    Happy Holidays,


  52. Scott hollingsworth
    Dec 27 2012

    Discovered Thinkvacuums on line while searching for a garage kit for our central vacuum system. We found just what we were looking for and it was promptly delivered. We contacted Think then by phone to consult Shawn on our interior vacuum equipment: hose and attachments. Shawn gave us a bit of education and we decided to truck on down to the store and pick out what turned to be a major up grade on our entire central vacuum system. Quite on difference on all fronts. Great to meet the Think Team personally!

    Happy New Year!

  53. Dec 28 2012

    I installed a Drain Vac system four years ago in our new home. Without question this was the best money we spent on “ads” to this house. I have 12 inlets on three floors and I have the garage kit too.

    Customer service was great and we received the order promptly too.

  54. J Evans
    Jan 10 2013

    Our current Simplicity Central Vacuum powerhead and hose only lasted 4 years. I found your site while searching for Simplicity powerheads.

    I ordered the Elite Combo (36′ hose and the Sebo Pro ET-1 Plus) last Friday, and it arrived on the following Wednesday. I was impressed with the Sebo Pro powerhead. It actually pulls itself across the carpet. The option to turn off the powerhead for wood floors is awesome and the rubber wheels don’t scratch the floor and are really quiet. My wife was very happy; and now I can play more golf!

    I was never impressed with the Simplicity powerhead! The Sebo Pro is the bomb!

    The staff person I spoke with on the telephone was very helpful and even did a stock check for me to ensure my order could be processed asap.

    Thank You Think VAC!

  55. Peter Distasio
    Mar 5 2013

    I am so pleased that I came upon Thinkvacuums website. After being way overcharged by Sears parts, I started buying there.
    Sears told me the items I needed were no longer available, and suggested I replace my entire central vac system. Thanks to them I saved over $1500.
    Signed:Very pleased in Connecticut!

  56. Jennifer Warner
    Mar 7 2013

    Excellent customer service! Over the last several years I’ve ordered central vacuum systems from ThinkVacuums for 3 new homes along with various parts and accessories. The prices are very competitive and their service can’t be beat!

  57. William Bailey
    Apr 8 2013

    I can’t thank you guys enough. The motor in our Sears Central Vacuum quit and when I checked with Sears parts they wanted almost $400 for a new one. Your website made it easy to identify a replacement motor and I ordered and received the replacement motor in 5 days including a weekend. When I pulled the old bad motor out I discovered the same brand and same part number on it as the replacement you sent me. The replacement motor was an exact fit. The thicker gasket required me to find some longer screws to mount it, but that was easy. As it turns out the unit was 27 years old and it was the original motor. The motor was actually okay, the nut came off the shaft and allowed the suction blades to self destruct. Needless to say, the new one is much quieter and has renewed suction power. You guys are GREAT!!!!

  58. al
    Apr 25 2013

    I want to thank Shawn for being so helpful. I needed a replacement for our broken Fasco central vacuum. He was extremely patient and thorough in explaining all the options and pros and cons of each central vacuum. I finished my purchase feeling quite satisfied. Thank you.

  59. C.KANE
    Jun 25 2013

    Am very pleased with service I received from Shawn on replacing a damaged unit via UPS, Was replaced with new unit within ten day’s VERY SATISFIED.

  60. Aug 7 2013

    Thank you! Amazing – I received the motor yesterday, and installed it, and it fit and works PERFECTLY! Great service and price! I really appreciate it. Thx, Keith S.

  61. Aug 15 2013


    Thanks so much for your help in getting the correct attachments for my central vac that was installed in 1986. The contact lady (Iris or Irene maybe) was so personable. All arrived safely and fit !!

  62. bettie gobble
    Sep 22 2013

    So glad I found ThinkVacuums on line!!! Pablo went above and beyond in making sure we got exactly the replacement hose,wands and floor brush we needed to replace our thirteen year old equipment what was becoming faulty. Even after the third call, change in order and questions from my husband about what could be causing a problem in suction….Pablo remained so courteous and helpful!! We are up and running in Columbia Tn thanks to Think Vacuums! Recommend this company highly and plan to have our daughter order the entire central vac system for her new home that is under construction!! Again….if you want great service…(arrived within three days of order) and super customer service, don’t shop anywhere else but Think Vacuums!!!!

  63. Bobby G Davis
    Oct 7 2013

    Just a note to thank you for having an item we needed to repair the central vac.
    It was a good price and delivered as promised
    Bob & Eva Davis

  64. Oct 8 2013

    I am very impressed. Shawn and Pablo were extremely helpful (and patient!) with many questions and follow-up calls. I would highly recommend ThinkVacuums to anyone thinking of installing a central vacuum system.

  65. Oct 10 2013

    Our old central vac handle broke – I tried to fix it twice before it snapped off. I e-mailed these folks and got a quick response that the handle was replaceable and had been reinforced. VERY quick reply and the order was here, in REMOTE WV, incredibly quickly. Thank you Our system is now working again like it should be!

  66. Stephanie Stratton
    Oct 11 2013

    I have had a central vacuum for over 20 years and the motor died. After reading your website I decided to replace the whole unit. I was very apprehensive because I didn’t know which one to buy and if it would fit my current piping and outlets. After talking to Dan on the customer service line he gave me the information I needed to make the right choice and alleviated my fears. Thanks! You guys are the best. It only took me 20 minutes to install,. It is so nice to have my central vacuum working again, and the power is awesome!

  67. Oct 19 2013 is an outstanding business. Their website is one of the best websites i have ever used anywhere on the web. The staff is exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The mail order business is run efficiently and merchandise is shipped rapidly. What else can I say about this business except that it is the best!

  68. Oct 22 2013

    You were such a pleasure to work with this afternoon, and a big help. Feel free to share this email with your manager if it will get you brownie points.
    Thanks, Lee.

  69. Nathan
    Oct 24 2013

    Shawn, I wanted to update you on our status – I appreciate your thoroughness in troubleshooting our unit before issuing an rma. I found a tube of lipstick was stuck inside the elbow inside the unit, with other crud impacted around it. We have four small children and I’m sure one of them hid it in one of our inlets in the house. Things are back to running well. Thanks for your help!

  70. Jeanette
    Nov 5 2013

    Great company! Ordered the installation kit for a central vacuum system and got them in within a few days. Got that installed then ordered the Nutone Central vacuum. When I received my email about my order I noticed I ordered the wrong one. I immediately emailed customer service and when the vacuum came in it was the one I wanted. Now I’m shopping for the attachments. Can’t wait to try out my central vacuum system.

    Thanks for the prompt service and quick response.


  71. Matt
    Dec 6 2013

    I buy a lot of things on line , but when the old central vac gave out ,I was a little apprehensive about buying a power unit on line. My first selection, a Drain Vac Viper installed so easily and was quiet and had lots of power and it really sucked——– and talk about quiet! And what great suction! And I thought “boy this really sucks”– in a good way.
    Now a month later the vacuum system continues to perform better then expected and wifey is happy . Life is good , Thank you Sean ( Shawn)

  72. Shirley W.
    Dec 8 2013

    Easiest website to shop and maneuver. Free shipping on a vacuum cleaner is great, and it shipped the same day I ordered it and arrived as advised. Packed well, and they even tossed in a few free bags, even though I bought a 10 pack. I did alot of research and read alot of vacuum cleaner reviews, and I am thrilled with my Sanitaire/Electrolux vacuum. I’m going back on the site, because there’s an additional floor attachment I want to buy that looks like it polishes, though there is nothing wrong with the attachments that came with the vacuum.
    Good company.

  73. Donnita Talavera
    Dec 17 2013

    I originally purchased some replacement parts (a roller brush and a magnetic strip for the front of the vacuum) from this company. When I received my merchandise the roller brush arrived damaged and I was unable to use it. I emailed them about the situation and my email was promptly returned. In a matter of two emails the entire situation was resolved and a new roller brush was being sent out. The customer service of this company was fantastic. I will continue to do business with this company in the future! No business can prevent all problems however the way this company handled the situation and their wonderful customer service will ensure return business! I definately recommend this company for your vacuum cleaner needs!

  74. Char
    Dec 23 2013

    We bought the Sebo ET-2 Vac and kit… wow…we love the way it performs!
    We had a few pieces of the kit missing…and called Thinkvac’s and told them the problem and they took care of it right away…GREAT people to work with…We would order from them again in a heartbeat…very honerable customer service.
    Thank you for being in business so we can get our Vacuum needs met, and being on top of things.
    I ask the Lord to continue to Bless your business, and to make it many prosperious years to come!
    Char…from Minnesota

  75. Bill
    Dec 30 2013

    After installing our DuoVac Star central Vacuum system with the Sebo accessory kit (the super deluxe cleaning package) We were amazed by the cleaning power! We have a Burnese Mountain Dog, and as any other Burner owner will tell you, they are walking hair balls. The DuoVac Star is head and shoulders above our old E Lux!
    Customer service from ThinkVacuums was excellent. We own a rental with a nutone system,and when that goes, it will be replaced with a DuoVac unit!

  76. Bruce
    Jan 9 2014

    I just received my new motor for my sanitaire vacuum, and its great fits right in. they wanted $125.00 to put one in at my local shop where we have been going for years. I thought I would give you guys a try, and Im glad I did. You have a new customer now. Thank you, and I will be ordering more soon. Bruces Janitor Service!

  77. Vincent Frazzetta
    Jan 21 2014

    Here are two testimonials: the first is for the Sanitaire Commercial 785…the best vacuum I’ve ever used (replaces my old 785 that I gave to my son)…a no-nonsense, lightweight, powerful (two motors), easy to get bags, durable as a tank machine. Number two is to commend the Thinkvacuums people as very helpful (I hit “send” twice and got tangled up), quick shipping, fair priced.

  78. Betty McKee
    Feb 19 2014

    Just wanted the world to know what a wonderful company ThinkVacuums is. As a very senior citizen, I have worked with alot of companys in my life time and none can compare to the service we have received from your company. From the employee who answers the phone to those higher, I thank you. A special thank you to Dan who knew immediately what our recent problem was and sent us the answer. Our central vacuum system has never worked better in our home that was built in 1971.

  79. Jack Drew
    Mar 7 2014

    My 4 gal. Drain Vac came in the mail today.I installed it as a replacement for a Wal Vac,,and it was just as the rep told me ,It installed within 30 minutes .I had it less than an hour and cleaned all the floors in my house And I could hear it cleaning the floors.

  80. Christian
    May 1 2014

    I have ordered 2 central vac systems from these guys, for 2 seperate houses. 1st (a eureka) a few years ago and it came promptly as promised and has been operating perfectly for past ten years. Then 2nd (also a eureka) a few weeks ago. I waited and never came. I called them and apologized profusely cause they did not inform me it was on back order. They sustituted in a better and slightly more expensive vac (they covered the extra cost, small amount of $50.00). Shipped it to me it arrived promptly as they promised it would. Very happy with this company, I will continue to use them as my central vac supplier. THANKS GUYS, GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!

  81. Rich Fitzgerald
    May 6 2014

    I’ve purchase several central vac products from thinkvacuums in the past years and have always been happy. Probably the best purchase I’ve made was the twin turbo Drainvac with the Sebo power nozzle. I sold vacuums as a college student, and I can tell you it just doesn’t get better than those two models!! Some might consider the twin overkill for all but the biggest mansions; I’ve never considered suction and power as negative. The Sebo nozzle is top notch; do yourself a favor, buy quality and enjoy for years. I’d buy both of these again and from thinkvacuums.

  82. Tziporah G.
    Sep 3 2014


    I just wanted to share what a good experience I had with Pablo. He was so helpful in guiding me to the items that fit my needs while still keeping in mind my budget. I hope this is the beginning of a great experience with my new central vacuum system.

    Yours truly,

    Tziporah G.


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